MANTRAS FOR SUCCESS (Which I think emphasised on me and few of you who are like me ;))

Hey ,

Today, Every body is running to get success in whatever he is working upon. I have got some MANTRAS ,which i heard during day to day conversation and observation , either from any person or from  a movie  . I am sharing some of them with you.

Never let anybody snatch your credit on doing any work. If you have have capability to do something then get all its  credit.

You have to risk it to get the biscuit . [# fired Up (2009)]

To get success in any work ( either it is hard or easier one) ,

best approach is KISS.

don’t misunderstand it,


First make the thing work then make it better                                                        [#skbohra]

” Necessity is the mother of Invention” ,

You have heard it lot of time, but my first discovery of thought is little bit modified which i think you will understand easily,

” Necessity is the mother of Invention and JUGAAD is father of it”. [# /me]

Rest my job is to keep updating my this post regularly As soon as I got any new  MANTRA .