OMG today was the last day of proposal submission of Intel Embedded Challenge.

OMG, about one month ago when our team constituting me, nitin mudgal and Ritu choudhary get qualified in first phase of Intel Embedded Challenge, we were feeling happy and that  is very hard to explain. we thought that we have a lot of time , one month time is long enough  n blah blah blah, we would surely complete our proposal. but day by day,  time passed ( its not like we simply passed it , we had our semester exams, practical exams n lot more happenings 😦 ) and now today is the last day of submission even after we get 7 day extension in submission date.ok now our team is just feeling like we are having our iit-jee at 9pm and to submit OMR at 12am.

Let me invert hourglass to adjust itself a month ago and have a glance at things i have done in previous 1 month time. crackled the shackle of exams on 11th of January. Took off to my home by 1st bus i can catch as it was 2 months time last i visited home. umm ya its a long time for me. There after facing a lot of problem by BSNL and Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam LTD , i tried to manage to download some pdfs to start my work over intel project.

After my 3 sleepless nights just in  downloading  MOBLIN our device’s OS, which we have decided to use. and spent whole day to make it bootable. Then turning over to Speech to Text Converter  part. We thought of CMU Sphinx first, but changed our mind from Sphinx to Julius because of speaker in-dependency feature in Sphinx. Building Sphinx and then switching over to julius was a little tedious task as building both from source code was a bit tough even if you have proper documentation.

Due to my best pal cum bro puneet’s  urgent work i took a pause on IEC. He want  some help from me in  creating collages,, because of him  i had a great experience in working on gimp and picasa. On 20th  I came to know that  last date of registering in  6th sem was 18th ( dont know why they ask for registration, when i am already registered in rtu , 2.5 years ago) and charged 100 rupees.  this is rubbish what will they do with those 100X70 rs when they cant keep many BNConnector probes in working conditions in laboratories.

Now Due to internet problem and God’s grace extension on submission date of proposal, i am at this stage one should not think he should be. BAD TOO BAD KUNAL its not the way to do any project. WHAT THE HECK you have done with your whole timeline you made for this project. these were the words keep buzzing in my mind till  i click SUBMIT button of the abstract submission.

NOW as i have done that i can say that wooooffff finally done.

The whole stuff i have done in last 24 hrs are quite tiring and may be considered as most important simulation for our project. I am not saying that the  whole thing i am going to talk is done by me ,yes nitin you were the main part  of it  pinging me up constantly “there?, hello u dere?, kahan mar gya? faale ye hua ki nai, jaldi kar yaar, i have to update it in report. ” and many more stone like heavy line he threw over me and ritu boss too always feeding motivational thoughts that you have done things nicely  in report, keep it up. etc

I reinstall and update JULIUS software, attempted a partially successful configuration and working of it. recorded segmented wmv formats of files of dialogues of sholay( just for fun and to separate “BASANTI IN KUTTO K SAAMNE MAT NAACHNA” lol)  using Julius( basically adintool) tried to convert speech wmv files to text using VOXFORGE’s acoustic model.

Then I installed wiki-reader software( for offline wiki-search) snapshotting at every achievement celebrating it 😀 :P.

finally provided some block diagrams, snapshots, and tables, simulation graph, reference links, application area in just a rough format. and i am really thankful to nitin that he arrange them in proper format in time.

ATLAST I must say Proper Teamwork can make your work easy. Ok Ok i am done. I am done. have a nice day ahead. 🙂