Its not easy

When I got admitted as under Grad. everybody congratulated me though I know I performed not that good as I could . But Its ok finally I am going to be an Engineer. I usually ask new folks ” Why do you want to be an Engineer” ( as I asked to a Mech. ¬†sophomore today technically yesterday ūüôā ) . Normal answer “still in search of it ” or “don’t know why I wanted but ya This has a huge money in future”. Damn right , but why is it not like that, just do MBA and get into BANK jobs. i guess it has a huge money too as you are the one dealing with money. ūüôā . well If someone had asked me at that time, ¬†I don’t know but my seniors whom I met in my first year during my ragging days. I think they were morons, just wanted to know whether you have a girlfriend or not or you have done this and that with them LOL . Idiots.
If someone had asked me my reply is ” ya I want to be an engineer because I want to , i have seen my dad studying real Engineering and that atmosphere which really inspired me to study and be an engineer in that atmosphere. I want to because I want to build things, ¬†structures like an Engineer do”. But when I got the ,you can say¬†Scenario of study in here I got bit disappointed¬†¬†Is it the way my dad studied !! Is it the way I saw him studying when I was a child . umm no whatever be the reasons I thought ¬†may be I am in 21st century now and it is the way studies are dealt nowadays.
Anyway because of something I tried some things though It was direction less infact . Its like BULB ¬†but I applied some directional Couplers ¬†ūüėČ . But as usual UNIVERSITY huhh exams not on time, result not on time , plus my faults, course studies not on time these factors dropped me on the peak of ¬†cliff of Backlogs ūüė¶ . At that time I ignored all this as my plans were different. Still they are different but after lot of turns now. But today When I am sitting alone in hostel blogging after a long while thinking and ya bit depressed , Its not easy not that easy as guys said pre-Under Grad “Engineering, its easy yaar , you just have to get admitted and then you will be Er. after 4 years .” huhh I got their point now. Just cram and give exams you will be passed with 70% ¬†thats what they want .
IT Companies are rushing in college these days , I am watching friends running here and there to learn programming languages ¬†technical stuff what they can ask in interview LOL. Though I had plans to not to go in those companies as they ruin the things you learn in 4 years. and I think Its a fact that I have heard from many guys who are in those companies. But the only thing they are giving is cash. Life is bit complicated these days what can be the best thing I can do either run for money or go towards interest. And most confusing situation is almost each and every guy is opting money ūüė¶ .
Its not easy to be in final year of Under Graduation and you are about to be an Under Graduate and your future is in hands of University and companies and you are standing nowhere . The only thing that matters is how you dealt  your last 3 years.

So if I could get into a time machine and year I have to return I’ll return back to 2007 , and be a guy who can advise to a newly admitted Kunal, hey dude ITS NOT EASY.


MANTRAS FOR SUCCESS (Which I think emphasised on me and few of you who are like me ;))

Hey ,

Today, Every body is running to get success in whatever he is working upon. I have got some MANTRAS ,which i heard during day to day conversation and observation , either from any person or from  a movie  . I am sharing some of them with you.

Never let anybody snatch your credit on doing any work. If you have have capability to do something then get all its  credit.

You have to risk it to get the biscuit . [# fired Up (2009)]

To get success in any work ( either it is hard or easier one) ,

best approach is KISS.

don’t misunderstand it,


First make the thing work then make it better                                                        [#skbohra]

” Necessity is the mother of Invention” ,

You have heard it lot of time, but my first discovery of thought is little bit modified which i think you will understand easily,

” Necessity is the mother of Invention and JUGAAD is father of it”. [# /me]

Rest my job is to keep updating my this post regularly As soon as I got any new  MANTRA .