Ubuntu 10.10 : Wi-Fi reloaded

Wifi problem solved when I tried to install Broadcom’s B43 drivers for my Dell Inspiron 1525. On its automatic Installation for additional drivers I was getting error

SystemError: installarchives() failed

So I got a link http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1593717
Steps I followed are :-

sudo apt-get –purge remove firmware-b43-installer
sudo apt-get –purge remove dkms
sudo apt-get –purge remove bcmwl-kernel-source
sudo apt-get install bcmwl-kernel-source
sudo reboot

This make my laptop’s Wi-fi in working state .


Its not easy

When I got admitted as under Grad. everybody congratulated me though I know I performed not that good as I could . But Its ok finally I am going to be an Engineer. I usually ask new folks ” Why do you want to be an Engineer” ( as I asked to a Mech. ¬†sophomore today technically yesterday ūüôā ) . Normal answer “still in search of it ” or “don’t know why I wanted but ya This has a huge money in future”. Damn right , but why is it not like that, just do MBA and get into BANK jobs. i guess it has a huge money too as you are the one dealing with money. ūüôā . well If someone had asked me at that time, ¬†I don’t know but my seniors whom I met in my first year during my ragging days. I think they were morons, just wanted to know whether you have a girlfriend or not or you have done this and that with them LOL . Idiots.
If someone had asked me my reply is ” ya I want to be an engineer because I want to , i have seen my dad studying real Engineering and that atmosphere which really inspired me to study and be an engineer in that atmosphere. I want to because I want to build things, ¬†structures like an Engineer do”. But when I got the ,you can say¬†Scenario of study in here I got bit disappointed¬†¬†Is it the way my dad studied !! Is it the way I saw him studying when I was a child . umm no whatever be the reasons I thought ¬†may be I am in 21st century now and it is the way studies are dealt nowadays.
Anyway because of something I tried some things though It was direction less infact . Its like BULB ¬†but I applied some directional Couplers ¬†ūüėČ . But as usual UNIVERSITY huhh exams not on time, result not on time , plus my faults, course studies not on time these factors dropped me on the peak of ¬†cliff of Backlogs ūüė¶ . At that time I ignored all this as my plans were different. Still they are different but after lot of turns now. But today When I am sitting alone in hostel blogging after a long while thinking and ya bit depressed , Its not easy not that easy as guys said pre-Under Grad “Engineering, its easy yaar , you just have to get admitted and then you will be Er. after 4 years .” huhh I got their point now. Just cram and give exams you will be passed with 70% ¬†thats what they want .
IT Companies are rushing in college these days , I am watching friends running here and there to learn programming languages ¬†technical stuff what they can ask in interview LOL. Though I had plans to not to go in those companies as they ruin the things you learn in 4 years. and I think Its a fact that I have heard from many guys who are in those companies. But the only thing they are giving is cash. Life is bit complicated these days what can be the best thing I can do either run for money or go towards interest. And most confusing situation is almost each and every guy is opting money ūüė¶ .
Its not easy to be in final year of Under Graduation and you are about to be an Under Graduate and your future is in hands of University and companies and you are standing nowhere . The only thing that matters is how you dealt  your last 3 years.

So if I could get into a time machine and year I have to return I’ll return back to 2007 , and be a guy who can advise to a newly admitted Kunal, hey dude ITS NOT EASY.

My minor project : Gesto-paint

Hey guys,

blogging after a long time. This time I am blogging about my minor project on my major interest HCI. I have titled it as Gesto-paint. As title itself suggests it is basically a controlling mouse using hand gestures. Paint is just as an application. This project is inspired from Jacob Andreas’s Red Glove project . Libraries and softwares, I am using are openCV, Octave and few more which will be updated later.

Controlling Fading (brightness) of LED from Potentiometer Using ARDUINO

Posting after so long, Obviously expecting a good stuff from my lab. :), but again I am posting my one more small though important experiment. Its about Controlling Intensity of a LED by varying Potentiometer (as input) using arduino board. Here is the program:

int potIn = 0;                                        // Potentiometer analog input at analog pin 0
int ledPin = 12;                                    // LED at digital Pin 12
int potVal = 0;¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† // Initializing Potentiometer’s input as zero

void setup() {
pinMode(12,OUTPUT);                  // Setting pin 12 as OUTPUT


void loop() {
potVal = analogRead(potIn);         // analog value read at analog pin 0 assigning to potVal
for (int brightness = potVal; brightness <= 200; brightness+=5) {             // for loop for adjusting brightness
analogWrite(ledPin, brightness);                                                                         // value of brightness is analog write to pin 12



Setting whole setup:

Potentiometer had 3 legs out of which middle one is input pin connected to pin 0, whereas pin at one end must be grounded and other end pin must be +5V.

A resistor of 220 ohm between pin 12 and LED must be connected.

LED’s positive leg to output pin 12 and negative leg must be grounded.

Inform me if anyone finds its better and shorter way. see ya guys.

Lets start with Wiimote

Wiimote is a Bluetooth enabled remote control for Wii gaming from Nintendo factory. These days it is becoming centre of attraction for hackers. Due to its various features like Bluetooth connectivity, accelerometers etc . I Purchased a wiimote set after struggling in Lajpat Rai Market, Chandni Chowk. Now I started working on and understanding its features. I tried to Hack it and started by downloading libraries (you can say drivers) for wiimote from internet on my ubu-antriksh ( i used to call my laptop by this when ubuntu OS is running lol).

My First Experiment is basically not only mine its been done already by lot of people but was first for me. I tried to make wiimote work as mouse on ubu-antriksh. I google it, and finally found some blogs and forum which could help me. Now explaining Stepwise :

install drivers for wiimote. i.e libwiimote using

wget http://downloads.sourceforge.net/libwiimote/libwiimote-0.4.tgz?modtime=1173542681&big_mirror=0

then Install wmgui, its a gui wiimote emulator using

” $ sudo apt-get install wmgui”

install lswm

“$ sudo apt-get install lswm”

install wminput
“$ sudo apt-get install wminstall”

now using command lswm , we get the address of the wiimote connected to your PC.
“$ lswm”

wiimote as mouse

Here 00:18:00:0E:0F:00 is the address of the device connected to bluetooth device of your PC or laptop. It is different for different devices.

now use wminput 00:18:00:0E:0F:00

wiimote as mouse

The man pages for wminput does not recommend running wminput as root. So run the following command so that you can gain access to /dev/input/uinput without having to use

$ sudo sh -c ‘echo “KERNEL==\”uinput\”, GROUP=\”admin\””> /etc/udev/rules.d/50-cwiid-input.rules’ /etc/init.d/udev restart

This would help you in the process of using Wiimote as your laptop or PC’s mouse. So HACK & ENJOY.

Playing with Arduino

After searching about arduino board, an open hardware electronics embedded development board after being told by touchaddict, i made my mind to buy one for me. convinced my dad to fetch 3500 bucks from his CREDIT card. And Finally I got my own Arduino board. Well I was Researching on its libraries, functions and programming architecture, tried examples given on its website. But today I made my first program for regulate multiple LEDs, however LEDs glowing timing is not that good as i wanted but main purpose of understanding was fulfilled. so mission LED accomplished. :D.

This was easiest I can do, Now heading towards programs with more intense programming and functionality.

OMG today was the last day of proposal submission of Intel Embedded Challenge.

OMG, about one month ago when our team constituting me, nitin mudgal and Ritu choudhary get qualified in first phase of Intel Embedded Challenge, we were feeling happy and that¬† is very hard to explain. we thought that we have a lot of time , one month time is long enough¬† n blah blah blah, we would surely complete our proposal. but day by day,¬† time passed ( its not like we simply passed it , we had our semester exams, practical exams n lot more happenings ūüė¶ ) and now today is the last day of submission even after we get 7 day extension in submission date.ok now our team is just feeling like we are having our iit-jee at 9pm and to submit OMR at 12am.

Let me invert hourglass to adjust itself a month ago and have a glance at things i have done in previous 1 month time. crackled the shackle of exams on 11th of January. Took off to my home by 1st bus i can catch as it was 2 months time last i visited home. umm ya its a long time for me. There after facing a lot of problem by BSNL and Haryana Vidyut Prasaran Nigam LTD , i tried to manage to download some pdfs to start my work over intel project.

After my 3 sleepless nights just in¬† downloading¬† MOBLIN our device’s OS, which we have decided to use. and spent whole day to make it bootable. Then turning over to Speech to Text Converter¬† part. We thought of CMU Sphinx first, but changed our mind from Sphinx to Julius because of speaker in-dependency feature in Sphinx. Building Sphinx and then switching over to julius was a little tedious task as building both from source code was a bit tough even if you have proper documentation.

Due to my best pal cum bro puneet’s¬† urgent work i took a pause on IEC. He want¬† some help from me in¬† creating collages,, because of him¬† i had a great experience in working on gimp and picasa. On 20th¬† I came to know that¬† last date of registering in¬† 6th sem was 18th ( dont know why they ask for registration, when i am already registered in rtu , 2.5 years ago) and charged 100 rupees.¬† this is rubbish what will they do with those 100X70 rs when they cant keep many BNConnector probes in working conditions in laboratories.

Now Due to internet problem and God’s grace extension on submission date of proposal, i am at this stage one should not think he should be. BAD TOO BAD KUNAL its not the way to do any project. WHAT THE HECK you have done with your whole timeline you made for this project. these were the words keep buzzing in my mind till¬† i click SUBMIT button of the abstract submission.

NOW as i have done that i can say that wooooffff finally done.

The whole stuff i have done in last 24 hrs are quite tiring and may be considered as most important simulation for our project. I am not saying that the¬† whole thing i am going to talk is done by me ,yes nitin you were the main part¬† of it¬† pinging me up constantly “there?, hello u dere?, kahan mar gya? faale ye hua ki nai, jaldi kar yaar, i have to update it in report. ” and many more stone like heavy line he threw over me and ritu boss too always feeding motivational thoughts that you have done things nicely¬† in report, keep it up. etc

I reinstall and update JULIUS software, attempted a partially successful configuration and working of it. recorded segmented wmv formats of files of dialogues of sholay( just for fun and to separate “BASANTI IN KUTTO K SAAMNE MAT NAACHNA” lol)¬† using Julius( basically adintool) tried to convert speech wmv files to text using VOXFORGE’s acoustic model.

Then I installed wiki-reader software( for offline wiki-search) snapshotting at every achievement celebrating it ūüėÄ :P.

finally provided some block diagrams, snapshots, and tables, simulation graph, reference links, application area in just a rough format. and i am really thankful to nitin that he arrange them in proper format in time.

ATLAST I must say Proper Teamwork can make your work easy. Ok Ok i am done. I am done. have a nice day ahead. ūüôā


MANTRAS FOR SUCCESS (Which I think emphasised on me and few of you who are like me ;))

Hey ,

Today, Every body is running to get success in whatever he is working upon. I have got some MANTRAS ,which i heard during day to day conversation and observation , either from any person or from  a movie  . I am sharing some of them with you.

Never let anybody snatch your credit on doing any work. If you have have capability to do something then get all its  credit.

You have to risk it to get the biscuit . [# fired Up (2009)]

To get success in any work ( either it is hard or easier one) ,

best approach is KISS.

don’t misunderstand it,


First make the thing work then make it better                                                        [#skbohra]

” Necessity is the mother of Invention” ,

You have heard it lot of time, but my first discovery of thought is little bit modified which i think you will understand easily,

” Necessity is the mother of Invention and JUGAAD is father of it”. [# /me]

Rest my job is to keep updating my this post regularly As soon as I got any new  MANTRA .